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Bridging the sales productivity gap includes having a consistent sales message. Leading companies excel at providing this message and seventy percent of the top-performing companies have a consistent sales message during the buyer’s journey that is tied to win strategies and themes based on customer needs. Increasing the production of the sales force is a priority for top-level executives within all companies.

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With all the competition in the business world today, your organization needs to have a clear and consistent message. With many organizations, there is a communication gap to getting their message out to everyone who is involved including customers, internal win team members and operations.

How to Create a Consistent Sales Message

Having a consistent message throughout your organization is the key for successful sales productivity. Below are some key factors for creating this.

Providing a consistent sales message will create a better customer experience, which leads to them engaging in their own way. The top companies are successful, because they have created this consistency, which customers respond to. 

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